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Brand: MARILYN Model: HHHCW14BL2
Collection FALL/WINTER 2020/2021 Classical stockings 20 DEN with fine dots and 8 cm wide lace on silicone.Density: 20 DENComposition: 90% polyamide, 10% elastanLine: FASHIONProducer: Marilyn Sp. zo.o. /Poland/..
Ex Tax:13.80€
Brand: MARILYN Model: HHHCW15BL2
Collection FALL/WINTER 2020/2021 Stockings 40 DEN with large dots and satin hem with a 6 cm wide silicone band.Made of 3D microfiber.Density: 40 DENComposition: 92% polyamide, 8% elastanLine: FASHIONProducer: Marilyn Sp. zo.o. /Poland/..
Ex Tax:14.20€
Plānas, zīdainas zeķes uz gludas silikona elastīgās lentes ar plānām svītrām.Zeķes ir matētas tekstūras, maigi aptver un lieliski pieguļ augumam, neslīd, netraucē kustēties.Izgatavotas no augstas kvalitātes dzijas ar pievienotu likru.Zīdainas un ļoti patīkamas uz tausti.Blīvums: 15 DEN.Sastāvs 84% ​..
Ex Tax:9.10€
Brand: MARILYN Model: HHHCH29
"Stockings with a belt" or "exclusive tights with imitation stockings" - matte and transparent.The upper part of the product is made in the form of a lace belt 5 cm wide on a silicone base with garters.The garters for the stockings are decorated with bows.Density: 20 DENComposition: 84% polyamide, 1..
Ex Tax:14.30€
Brand: MARILYN Model: HHHCH14
Exclusive stockings with a sensual seam and a smooth 7 cm satin crown on a silicone base are the perfect addition to any outfit.Made by 3D technology, very elastic and perfect fit.They are characterized by increased durability.Density: 20 DENComposition: 90% polyamide, 10% elastaneLine: FASHION ..
Ex Tax:9.70€
Brand: MARILYN Model: HHHCI16
Luxurious matte 20 DEN stockings, beautiful and sensual, on a lace silicone crown in a contrasting color with a decorative bow.Made using 3D technology.Silky smoothness and perfect fit.Available in two colors: flesh with a white crown, black with a red crown.Density: 20 DENComposition: 90% polyamide..
Ex Tax:13.40€
Brand: MARILYN Model: HHHCI01
Luxurious polka-dot stockings 20 DEN with silicone-based black lace crown 5.5 cm wide.Made of high quality microfiber with 3D technology, which gives them a silky smooth and perfect fit.Density: 20 DENComposition: 89% polyamide, 10% elastane, 1% cottonLine: FASHION Producer: Marilyn Sp. zo.o. /..
Ex Tax:12.85€
Brand: MARILYN Model: HHHCL08
Exclusive set: matte 15 DEN stockings under the belt and smooth silicone garters 2.5 cm wide.Stocking garters 8 cm long, adjustable in length.They are decorated with gold-colored metal fittings.Very pleasant to the touch.Unique model - combines precision workmanship and elegant design, silky smoothn..
Ex Tax:13.65€
Brand: MARILYN Model: HHHCN17
Matte, semi-translucent 40 DEN stockings made of soft elastic microfiber three-dimensional weave, with a smooth, self-contained,a 4 cm satin elastic band on a silicone base, decorated with a thin colored ribbon.Graceful and elegant, perfectly fitting.The comfortable elastic silicone base holds the s..
Ex Tax:12.50€
Brand: MARILYN Model: HHHCP18
Wedding stockings in a large mesh with an elegant 4 cm elastic band on silicone.The white elastic band at the hips is adorned with a bow with a pearl teardrop charm.A wedding dress combined with delicately nude stockings will get the perfect look.Density: mesh 30Composition: 84% polyamide, 16% elast..
Ex Tax:12.40€
Brand: MARILYN Model: HHHCP17
Stylish stockings 20 DEN are very elastic, perfectly stretch in all directions.Thanks to the use of high quality materials, the stockings have a smooth, silky, cashmere structure.A smooth silicone-based elastic band with a decorative heart provides a tight and secure fixation of the stockings on the..
Ex Tax:10.25€
Brand: MARILYN Model: HHHCP16
Thin delicate stockings, 20 DEN  with a beautiful lace elastic band 6 cm on silicone, decorated with appliqué.Density: 20 DENComposition: 84% polyamid, 16% elastanLine: FASHION, WEDDINGProducer: Marilyn Sp. zo.o. /Poland/..
Ex Tax:14.25€
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